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Industrial Products

What size?

All gas can come in different size cylinders. Smallest and most common being 10Litre and 4 more sizes up to 50Litre being the largest.

Pure Argon TIG

From Oxygen to mic and tic gas we can help you get what you need. 

Argon mix MIG

Argon, Oxygen and C02 mix. High quality filled to 200 bar pressure. Used for welding hard metals such as steel


Various size cylinders available


Co2 bottles used as an alternative for MIG.


100% pure oxygen filled to 200 bar pressure.


(Oxygen free Nitrogen)

100% pure Nitrogen filled to 200 bar pressure. Used for air conditioning, pressure testing and purging.


Commonly used in the leisure industry, helium can be found in most party or card shops, specifically used for blowing up balloons. 

Also used a lot in the health industry. 


Butane, propane and patio gas


 Our reliable delivery service and exceptional customer service set us apart from the competition.

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